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What are the advantages of mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is one of the most effective ways to gain unbiased feedback about your business. It is a great tool to use for identifying areas of improvement, opportunities, and ensuring your CX initiatives are being implemented by front line staff.

- Helps you improve customer service
- Helps you to excel behavior
- Increase Consistency
- It will maintain the overall work environment
- Helps to initiate rewards and incentives.

Mystery Audit is a type of Retail Audit conducted by Mystery Shopping Services. Mystery shoppers and auditors are deployed to the shops/centers/outlets and are required to give feedback on parameters such as store personnel behavior, interaction and customer experience and compliance to pricing policies.

It is a method used by marketing research companies and organizations that wish to measure quality of sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, or to gather specific information about a market or competitors, including products and services.

If you are wondering why your business isn’t hitting the top spot despite being in the perfect location, having well-trained staff and offering competitive products and services, it’s probably because you are missing an important point: You haven’t conducted a customer experience evaluation.

Such evaulations can entail customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping programs.Mystery shopping is a method where the store hires someone to pretend to be a customer, in order to assess how the employees, accommodate shoppers. Employees are supposed to build rapport and eventually convince shoppers to make a purchase. Despite the name, there is nothing really mysterious about the process; it is only because the employees may not know their performance is being evaluated through a professional’s point of view (the mystery shopper). This is an effective way to read what a customer is thinking the moment he enters the store and how satisfied he is when he leaves. The mystery shopper creates a report that is used to strengthen a business’ customer service. Continue reading on for several factors suggesting why every business should consider this method, or contact us to discuss how your business can improve its customer experience with mystery shopping.

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At AKSCFO Mystery Audit Services are conducted by industry experts.

We Provide Mystery Audit Services For Covid-19 Compliances, Hotel, Resorts, Clubs, Airport Lounges And Casino, Restaurant, Mall & Foodcourt, Theme Parks, Salon, Spa, Wellness Center And Gym, Retail, Entertainment, E-commerce, Other Food & Beverage

True and unbiased account of the customer experience
Evaluating adherence to standard operating procedures
Ensuring that employee integrity is of the highest level to reduce revenue leakage and self-cannibalisation in the company

Measuring and monitoring customer experience on a regular basis

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