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AKS CFO - Empowering stakeholders growth
We believe that bold steps define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. And that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it.

AKSCFO has always lived up to It’s name by being one step ahead of the consulting industry, and finding new and affordable solutions
AKSCFO always believes in OTP, on time, transparent, and professional.
AKSCFO continues to find better ways to serve you with our personalized plan options.
AKSCFO continues to find better ways to serve you with Instant online plan quotes.

Banca Bank's core banking and transactional capabilities are also complemented. Banca experienced team and its regional foundation are complemented by the belief and trust our clients have in our ability to connect them to a global banking network to seamlessly achieve their financial aspirations.

Our Values - O.T.P

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On Time
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We are on a mission to simplify your business

Let experts be your partners. We are a smart choice all-around for businesses
We bring transformation, reduce costs, bring cost-efficiency and efficient management.

  • After engaging with us you get
  • More money and free time
  • Less uncertainty and stress
  • We charge INR 4,999 or $99 for 30 minute of video call consultation
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  • Hiring full-time, costly resources to direct and organise your business, just don't make sense. You no longer need to spend a fortune for your business help. Make informed decisions about a variety of business matters with our expert industry experience.
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Growth and Innovation
AKSCFO's steady growth continued through the year, which helped fuel the decision to expand.
Our business methodology was to approach consulting in an innovative:
We introduced our Follow-up program, available to all clients, to provide customers with to opportunity to maintain monitoring systems and support - Free of charge- after their contract has expired.
We introduced the After-sales service- After the work is done, AKSCFO stays with you to ensure that the progress continues. Free of Charge. Allowing a owner to get the lowest rate for only paying for what they need.
Now all Plans are precise and to the point. Clients no longer had to call several consultants with uncertainty of what they are getting and comparing rates — in one phone call or click of a button on our website, your get exactly the information you need.

What's Next?
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How it all began..

  • May 03, 2020

    A group of local Mumbaikars, who worked in the climate of the 90% restaurant failure rate, started AKSCFO. They wanted to provide the business owners with a sense of confidence and security. They thought a consulting company was a good investment to support good places and good people in the job.

  • Time Goes By..

    AKSCFO always believed in OTP, on time, transparent, and professional. We take an innovative approach in consulting.

    We offer what clients needs :
    1. Quick first free consultation
    2. Quick consultation plan for one-time use
    3. Consultation plans with Pay upfront payments at extremely discounted rates
    4. Assessment plans if you do not know which plans to choose.
    5. Start-up plan for beginners and customised plans for pick and choose.

  • After Sales Support

    After the work is done, AKSCFO stays with you to ensure that the progress continues. Free of Charge.
    AKSCFO wanted and still wants to make consulting just as easy to retain for the one location Mom & Pop businesses, as it is for our major corporate clients.

  • 2021

    AKSCFO's growth prompted a spread of new clients on account of uncertainty in the business. Today, the company entertains all levels of clients.

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